A downloadable "The Thing" Simulator

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Controls are:
AIM GUN (When you have it) -- RIGHT MOUSE
SHOOT GUN (While Aiming) -- LEFT MOUSE

Experience paranoia like never before as you try to uncover which of your crew are human, and which of them are something else...A tropical storm envelopes the occupants of an isolated ocean research facility, trapping those within alongside a homicidal shapeshifter. Inspired by the 1982 film "The Thing", you control Dean, a research diver tasked with trying to survive a living nightmare. Tensions mount as trust wears thin. 

In this game, every replay is different, and the clues will change, so you will need to be smart. Can you outmatch a creature that can adapt to your decisions while jumping from host to host? Or will you end up floating on the surface? 


This game is being entered in the Game Developers World Championship (WDGC) so if you like it please show some support over at the site for the game to help it do well, thank you and have fun!

Website Link: https://thegdwc.com/


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Gave it a go...


Got the Kurt Russel Rank :P and the hidden weapon, i know about the screwdriver, i'm gonna make another video about the game in the future, wonderful game, good job dear dev. P.S read the video description ;)


I loved the thing and I loved this game it was hella dope I only ran into two glitches which was me getting stuck on a locker and being able to shoot anyone from any room regardless if the person was there or not and is demon hunter the highest rank at the end? my full play through here: 


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Hey that's great! And yeah I have until the 30th to make a deadline for this contest I'm trying to get the game into, so any glitch reports are super appreciated :D

Can't wait to check out your vid man, thanks for sharing and playing the game, there's a whole "Astrocreep" series if you want to explore my other work. You may also like Nightmare Fishing Tournament and Voodoocide as well,  although they are a bit rougher as they were my earlier attempts at developing games solo with Unity.

Thanks for playing!

EDIT: The highest rank you can get WITHOUT CHEATING is "Kurt Russell" lol

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I can confirm about the getting stuck in the locker room, it happened to me after i examined the diving suit on the floor and yeah you can aim at people even when they are not there XD.

yeah super well done also one other thing that's really small the guy that gives you the gun I think his name was trevor his text dialogue box for me matched uma's even though he was saying something different and good luck with the contest!


I'll be addressing all the things that were in your video I saw ( had the locker issue happen myself, think I know a way to handle it ) and reuploading sometime today. I'm also releasing the soundtrack if anyone is interested, I'll update the details with a link if anyone is interested.


Okay i have found another bug (a game breaking one), after collecting the samples and finding out who the creature was i headed to the crew quarters and i attacked Uma, the creature got stuck on the ceiling when it was supposed to escape again i think and attacking it did nothing anymore.


Ah yes I'm aware this can occur. Uma has been giving me issues in the monster form, possibly because she turns slower causing a larger radius making it more likely to go flying off the navgraph. This was a design choice to add a distinction between forms/abilities, but it seems to be causing issues.  I will need to play with some variables. One of the issues that caused development to take so long was that when I make a build, it actually runs different on my computer than other people's ( I have a low tier rig and it struggles pretty hardcore to run my own stuff ). So there is a lot of trial and error. That opening swimming sequence? Runs at like half the swim speed as an example, supposed to be WAY slower/realistic, but it's not balanced yet.


Hey just an update, I've just uploaded a build that has fixes from the issues brought up in your video and also the comments in this thread. Some of the pathfinding software is still new to me, so I will continue to work out bugs found with that.

The aiming was also tweaked so you no longer are forced to LOOK AT the target when you aim, making run-n-gun gameplay MUCH better. Granted it LOOKS a lot less correct, but the fun factor trumps it I think.

I made the MONSTER HARDER TO KILL thanks to your vid btw, there is a good chunk of story and also a hidden weapon that is worth checking out if you ever decide to pick it up for another go sometime :D


Good to hear dear dev, thank you for your hard work and for this awesome game, i'm gonna try the new build right away (and i'm going to make a video about it if all goes well XD). P.S "i" already know about the hidden weapon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - i want to help you, i'l let you know if i notice something that isn't working properly. Nice job :P