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In a strange phenomenon, the player tries to exit a roadside diner only to continue to loop back into it. But is it the same diner? How will he escape? IS there an escape? And what about that strange yellow child...and the flying monsters made of meat?

Unravel the mystery in a story straight out of the twilight zone, will you escape the paradox -- or be trapped endlessly looping forever?


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A problem

I can't seem to collect this note. This is after the part explaining what the green dudes are. Is there any trick to picking this up? because it seems I cannot progress until I can pick up this note.

So the game was pretty awesome, definitely had its scary parts with the huge floating paradox fixing things. I did however run into the same glitch"thechain" ran into. I tried to play the game again so I could get to the ending but it happened again. If an update comes out to fix the big I'd love to fully complete the game! It was a nice nostalgia trip from the side scrolling Spime!

Thanks for checking it out. Sorry you got the bug, there are finished playthroughs online if you were curious how it ended, the glitch seems finicky on just who it triggers for...If you have the interest, I released another 3D game I'm trying to get feedback on, a cockfighting sim, you can check it out here:  https://suitsnnukes.itch.io/the-gentlemans-guide-to-cockfighting

BTW it's a beta build atm so feel free to break this one too ;)

There's a glitch in the game.  after you go though a door.  There's two of the main guy and you can't go though anymore doors.

Yea I know about that, it dosnt happen all the time, no idea what causes it

I was using a gamepad could that be it?  You wouldn't think it would have any effect but there is a game I have (wings of vi) that has increased load times whenever I use a controller so I suppose it's not impossibe.

Ps:  Funny thing when I first encontered the glitch I thought it was a sign reailty was breaking down or something.  If you ever make a sequel maybe include two character models or other "glitchs" as game mechanics.  Sorry if I'm asking two much.

Well, tried it without the gamepad still happened it might just be my computer maybe my anti virus.  on a related note I also found you couldn't read a note sometimes could it be related?

Hey, it always happens right after the quantum keepers tape does that help?

It's possible, like I said I'm not 100% sure. I was thinking it might have something to do with exiting the back door in proximity to the Quantum Keepers spawning but I could never nail it down. There's a 2D version on this site thats the same story wise if you want to give it a go, it's got it's own issues but nothing game breaking ( That I know of anyway ) might play a little nicer with your set up.

This was pretty cool. The voice acting was superb even if the subtitles didn't quite fit the screen. The story was like PT but with an actual story to it. The graphics were nice and cut scenes were all done very nicely. A super game. Well done... :)

What a great little game and bizarrely enough, I watched a film on multiverses early this morning. Spime3D Ihas a great story line, I really like the grpahics and it's been produced really well. Good Luck DEVS.

I also liked all the pictures on the walls. Are they homage to other games?

Good Luck DEVS