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In a strange phenomenon, a young man  tries to exit a roadside diner only to continue to loop back into it. But is it the same diner? How will he escape? IS there an escape? And what about that strange yellow child...and the flying monsters made of meat?
Unravel the mystery in a story straight out of the twilight zone, will you escape the paradox -- or be trapped endlessly looping forever?

Also, enjoy the story as an audio reading from the novella of the same name:


spime-3d-windows.zip 335 MB


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This game is pretty damn good. I'm surprised I'm the 1st person posting a video here. I really enjoyed the experience. I wasn't able to finish it though because at the end of my video, a note is stuck on the toilet and won't let me pick it up. I couldn't figure out how to advance without reaching it. Great game besides that though. Thanks!

Hey awesome, glad you liked it man!
Sorry it crashed, like before, this was based on a 2D version you can find easy if you are interested, it's got problems of it's own but can be beaten fairly easy I think. Feel free to try any of my other projects, I got something in basically every genre and they are all pretty violent/dark