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Experience paranoia like never before as you try to uncover which of your crew are human, and which of them is not ... A tropical storm envelopes the occupants of an isolated ocean research facility, trapping them alongside a homicidal shapeshifter. Inspired by the 1982 film "The Thing", you control Dean, a research diver tasked with trying to survive a living nightmare. Tensions mount as trust wears thin.

In this game, every replay is different, and the clues will change, so you will need to be smart. Can you outmatch a creature that can adapt to your decisions while jumping from host to host? Or will you end up floating on the surface?

Controls are:

MOVE -- W,A,S,D 
AIM GUN (When you have it)-- RIGHT MOUSE
SHOOT GUN (While Aiming) -- LEFT MOUSE

SPECIAL NOTE: This game is part of a series about an ALIEN THAT ASSIMILATES OTHER ORGANISMS ( LIKE "THE THING" ). Consider playing another in the series if this kind of subject interest you:


Aquacreep 3D.zip 790 MB


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New version? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Nah, just bumping for Halloween! But check out "Dune Punk", it's my latest and got a update recently!

All right, have a nice day/evening :P