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When a freakish severed cat-head comes to fight, it's up to a green pill-poppn' ninja and some freaky little girls to set things right. But what's this? Now that cat head is spitting out hypodermic needles, what the hell is going on here!?

Movement -- Arrow Keys
Wall Jumping -- Left & Right on walls
Faster Wall sliding -- Down ( when on walls )
Attack -- D key
Switch perspective on/off monster -- Spacebar
Exit Game -- ESC
Full Screen -- F1

This was my entry for the 2017 Bad Boxart Challenge. I went with the game cover for the Spectrum game "Bloody" ( and it is, as you can see ). The goal was to build a game in 2 days that had to be inspired by the boxart.

Install instructions

Download for windows only!


Mushroom Cult.exe 118 MB

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