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"Psychoscape" is a platform game with mild puzzle elements. You awake in a prison cell tormented by a "not so" mysterious captor. As a psychic, you must make your way to the exit of the booby trapped chambers and defeat the man who has imprisoned you with the help of your psychic powers.

- Use and upgrade 5 psychic abilities: Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Invisibility, Invulnerability and Psy-Bullets!
- Overcome a devious obstacle course designed to push your mastery over your psychic powers!
- Confront your enemy, the confirmed rapist BILL COSBY! ( He hates you )
- Collect Psy Energy to UPGRADE your PSHYCIC ABILITIES!


Jump-- W jumps, Hold W to jump higher
Aim Psychic Power-- Mouse
Use Psychic Power--Hold Left Mouse
Change powers ( Once unlocked )--Numbers 1-5 ( and also mouse wheel scroll )


psychoscape.exe 90 MB

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