A downloadable game for Windows

-------------NOTE: Beta Version Released! --------------------

The Beta Version is now playable for free.

W,A,S,D --- Move
SHIFT -- Run
E -- Interact
ESC -- PAUSE/Options Menu

This early version is released in order to get feedback from players and get any crashes/glitches reported and sorted out before final release.

Have fun!

NOTE: It's a mature rated game, so just be aware of that

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading the beta of my cockfighting sim, have fun!


The Gentlemans Guide (Beta).zip 649 MB


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So I may have broken this one as well... IF I hadn't broken this one then I would have enjoyed having my little tycoon of cock fighting. It was definitely a realistic depiction of how grotesque cock fighting is. I should probably do a legit playthrough here soon.

No worries man I asked for bug reports you over delivered :P
Thanks for checking it out