A downloadable game for Windows

Follow the adventures of the littlest penguin, a children's story narrated by a psychotic author...now in 3D with bonus ending!

This game was originally made in 2D, and is available free here: https://suitsnnukes.itch.io/the-littlest-penguin-2d

DEVELOPER UPDATE// 8-24-2020 // Wow, what a turnout!

Just wanted to say it's been interesting to see the range of responses on this one, it was my first Unity project I ever did myself so it is quite rough and I have learned a lot since this. ( Made about 4 years ago ). I made some other games that are pretty cool if anyone is interested in this game you might like as well:

Aquacreep 3D:  https://suitsnnukes.itch.io/aquacreep-3d
Another gorey one, this one is a slow burn that plays out like the movie "The Thing" where your friends might be a shapeshifter trying to kill the others.

Nightmare Fishing Tournament 2020: https://suitsnnukes.itch.io/nightmare-fishing-tournament-2020
This game is about being a corpse in the underworld fighting monster fish demons to resurface to the Land of the Living.

Blood Hawks: https://suitsnnukes.itch.io/death-from-above
My take on the game "Joust" but with modernized mechanics like jumping off the mount and using magic. A lot of customization options in the player characters.


the-littlest-penguin-3d.zip 84 MB


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Im not sure What I got myself into but thank you none the less

One of the best things to come out of this shitty year.

be warned i was a little drunk while playing this

Crazy game and again with a more crazier twist! 

A good remake of a classic game

This may be one of the most, if not THE most, insane and disturbing games I have ever played... yet one of the most entertaining as well. Please keep up the terrifying and incredible work.


remember playing the original one an glad that you made this one, it was entertaining 

also here:

Above Is my gameplay...

The story Is deep... The narrating Is just as deep... Cracking game with more twists and turns than a soap opera.

Only one downside a lot of running... My finger was knackered near the end ha. other than that really good. 

The 2D version has less walking, but lacks the bonus ending. Thanks for playing!

wow what a game

Amazing game! There were a few glitches but you would have to go out of your way to do them

This disturbed me more than other horror games for some reason XD Excellent work! appreciate the fight club reference (and good taste in music, my favorite Pixies song) , The voice acting was fantastic!

Thanks man, this project is pretty old actually, give my new stuff a try it's got a lot more going on
Appreciate the vid!

Not what I was expecting, but I loved it


This was an emotional journey like nothing I've experienced before. I never knew it could feel so good to be a penguin, only to have that sensation ripped away from me and turned into a blood bath at a moment's notice. Absolutely loved playing this, and the voice acting was incredible!


Hey thanks, if you are after less walking, try the 2D version ( lacks the Hell Ending though ) 
Also try my newer games, this one is like 4 years old lol


Wow, what kind of adventure did I just embark on? LOL! But seriously, I really had fun with this one.

A couple of critiques: 1) the game was a bit taxing when recording it - I had to drop OBS down from 60fps to 30fps due to massive lag on playback. I also had to drop the graphics down to low because the scenery looked a bit glitchy on higher settings - not sure if this is on my end or if the game needs better optimization.

The text in the middle of the screen would have been okay while on my long trek to insanity, but got in the way during the more "aggressive" moments in the game.

Other than those issues, this was an awesome game. The narration was EXCELLENT and I really got a kick out of the Fight Club references. Killer game SuitsnNukes! 

Really appreciate you posting the video!
This game was actually my first 3D Unity game by myself ( I do most of the games largely myself unless otherwise credited ) so it took a long time to really start to get it, but my new stuff is pretty lit give it a try and see the growth :)


I went a little overboard lol

Fun to watch this one ^^

So this took everything I was expecting at the start and threw it straight out of the window (in a good way!) The way it goes from a  completely normal penguin game to a crazy penguin killing simulator was really fun and well done. I was not expecting a voice over, but it added so much to the game and made it more in depth and added emotion to the penguin. 

The story and game play were good too! How the backstory is given in a quick intro, and then the rest of the story plays out as one plays the game. Even switching the club out for the chainsaw and then the switch to the hellscape was really well done and made the game really fun because it didn't stay the same thing and kept switching up at a good pace. 

My only suggestion is to make the traversal part of the game; where the player walks around the map and goes to the next location shorter. I felt like it was too long and too far apart and could lose the interest of players from what is a great game. This is also the case at the very beginning; I roamed around the starting area because I didn't know where to go. I originally went to the frozen lake but was discouraged from going more towards it because I thought that the penguin not being able to fall down onto the lake meant that it was not a progress-able area. After going in circles two or three times, I finally figured out how to go to the frozen lake. 

But other than that I think it was a really well made game that shows the time, effort and hard work and love put into the game. It's well fleshed out and thought through and was a blast to play!

Lol i just realize the story just like god of war. my brain just work when penguin sit on his throne and the music playing 


That was one wild ride. From cute penguins, to psycho then God of War lol. Loved it.


Glad you had fun, feel free to try some of my other stuff, I make all kinds of different games so you will likely find more that interest you :)

This game was so.... weird. I did not expect a penguin to have a chainsaw. I thought this was gonna be wholesome. Here is my video on the game if you wanna check it out:

If you enjoyed the video then please consider subscribing! If you did not enjoy the video then please tell me what you did not enjoy in the comments so I can improve :)

I didn't know that penguin's could hold chainsaws.  

Well it's a game so...

I think it would be funny if they could actually hold chainsaws.

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i dont like penguins anymore


Sunrise, sunset

Too many copyrighted songs but hella fun to play!

The penguin is coming

This looks really cool, but I can't seem to get anywhere. I've spent a lot of time wandering in the beginning not sure what I'm supposed to do or where I'm supposed to go. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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You go over the hill along the ridge that overlooks the ice patch ( where you can slide on your belly ) and just keep following that path until you find an old penguin...

I a so cunfused lol.


You know what's the best in this game? The commentator with the awesome documentary voice! Everything else is so unexpected and I feel it may scared me for live. Still, awesome concept and... penguins beaware! 


This game's badass, man. I love it. All hail the chainsaw! Haha


Glad you liked it, thanks for posting the video :)
There's a 2D version uploaded but it dosn't have the bonus ending -- but it does have MUCH less walking!