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"The Murder Express" is a "who-dunnit?" clue style game that takes place on a train. Mr. Duvall has been murdered and it's up to the inspector to crack the case without getting killed in the process! The game generates a random crime each time so each playthrough is unique.
Can you survive a ride on the murder express?


The Murder Express (2019) PC.zip 299 MB


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Pretty cool, I dig it. I died on my 1st attempt and then guessed wrong on my 2nd attempt. Basically, I'm a terrible detective haha


That's great, I'm going to check it out right now :D
You like scary content right? I just released a spooky fishing in hell themed action game thats kinda silly to, might be up your alley if you are interested: https://suitsnnukes.itch.io/nightmare-fishing-tournament-2020
Thanks for posting the vid!

Sweet! Yeah I'll check it out. Thanks!


It's a nice whodunit game and it's rather enjoyable. I wish there was more areas we could search besides the 4 cars. Besides that, nice game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont


Really appreciate the review, it helps me improve :D By the by, I actually have a 2D version, it used bathrooms and featured a few more cars. I guess I was going for less ground to cover to ease player frustration. I hope you find interest in my other releases, I enjoyed the video :D