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Trapped aboard a deep space cloning facility, the player must find a wolf in sheep's clothing. Only this wolf is  a shapeshifting alien posing as one of 10 potential, and very expensive, war clones.  In the future ,wars are fought by proxy using mass clone armies, and facilities are developed in space to develop these clones.

You play as Cassie, the sole  human maintenance worker running the mostly automated facility. You awake to find something has gone very wrong. Power is partially out, and something is very...off...about the clones...

Note: to anyone experiencing issues with the screen cut off, its not the game. If you set your resolution to 1776 x 1000 it will display fully as it was intended to be, thanks!

Install instructions

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Among-the-Sheep.exe 105 MB


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This game's pretty damn cool. I had fun playing it and refused to give up until I beat it. It took a few minutes to really figure out how to play but it was badass once I got the hang of it. Nice job!


Hey thanks man, appreciate the video! 
Can't remember if you did my "Aquacreep" games or not, but they are like this in that the gameplay is "find the shapeshifter". Aquacreep also changes on each play so if you decide to try it explore as much as you can and try to remember stuff 'cause it will help later. Note that it sometimes runs a bug where the monster gets stuck when attacking and you might get locked in a room but it seems to not happen to everyone so Idk if you will get it or not.


I don't think i played that one but I'll check it out. I seem to have pretty good luck on my new pc when it comes to bugs so hopefully it won't happen when i play. It's a pretty decent machine.


cool good luck!