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Cannibal Cafe' is a familiar game mechanically, with a sinister Pepsi Twist...Take on the role of a sushi chef that uses some...questionable ingredients...But then again, you are serving rather questionable dinner guest -- cannibals to be precise! And these cannibals don't like to be kept waiting! Better make 'em what they want -- and fast -- or you may just find YOURSELF on the menu!

Goal: There are 8 objectives to complete over the coarse of the game, the game restarts if you fail to make the daily financial goal or get killed by cannibals.

Powerups Include a bonus defense knife, a time freeze power, a recovery boost to your knife and faster plates to reach your customers quicker.

Select ingredients/items -- MOUSE ( Left click )
Switch between customer and sushi views -- Mouse Wheel scroll (Important!)
Attack with Knife ( When customer attacks ) -- Right Click Mouse ( When knife available )
Use the MENU to look up sushi recipes 

Install instructions

Just download the zip folder, extract the game and double click the icon to run the game!


Cannibal Cafe' HD v. 131 MB

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